In our group, we start from psychophysical experiments in humans that test hypotheses on the mechanisms of perception and attention, as well as learning and memory.
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Potluck dinner

PALM group Potluck dinner on June 19th 2018. We celebrated the end of another fruitful year filled with interesting PALM meetings, many experiments and even more ideas for experiments!
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A quantitative theory of gamma synchronization in macaque V1.

Lowet E, Roberts MJ, Peter A, Gips B, De Weerd P. Elife. 2017 Aug 31;6. pii: e26642. doi: 10.7554/eLife.26642. This paper proposes a new theoretical framework based on the mathematics of weakly coupled oscillators to understand neural communication. Using pairs of depth probe recordings in primary visual cortex, the investigators show that gamma synchronization is intermittent, which […]
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Society for Neuroscience Conference 2017 Washington DC

Some highlights at the Society for Neuroscience Conference 2017 in Washington DC: Vincent van de Ven and Rosanne Rademaker chaired a session! Peter De Weerd guarded the Capitol and saw some of his favorite paintings at the National Gallery of Art.
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