PALM symposium – June 2017

On June 19th, we had a PALM symposium, where 8 of our group members presented progress in their projects. It was great to share the discoveries of this year with each other! The titles of the talks can be seen below.

PALM symposium

  • Olaf: Attentional modulation through saccades in perceptual learning
  • Bert: Finally perceptual learning
  • Tom: The contribution of the microsaccade rate signature to the attentional blink effect
  • Filipe: Identification of feedback and feedforward processes in macaque visual cortex

Coffee break

  • Mark: Alpha/Beta desynchronization in human cortex mediates decision making speed
  • Jeanita: The association of theta power and predictability with the perception of time (pitch)
  • Julia: Detecting Time Cells in the Human Hippocampus by fMRI
  • Dhruva:┬áRemembering time and timing memory: A computational investigation of temporal encoding in the hippocampus