About Us

In our group, we start from psychophysical experiments in humans that test hypotheses on the mechanisms of perception and attention, as well as learning and memory.

The paradigms we build that way are then used to explore underlying neural mechanisms. To that aim, in human experiments we have been using fMRI, EEG and MEG), while in animals we use neurophysiology and molecular approaches for specific fundamental questions that cannot be answered via human research.

Current foci of interest include the contributions of feedforward and feedback connections to attention and learning, the neural and molecular mechanisms of long-term changes in sensory cortex due to learning or other forms of experience, the contributions of attention and mere (unconscious) exposure to long-term plastic changes, and the stability of long-term modifications (consolidation, reactivation, reconsolidation, interference, etc.). Our most recent interest is memory of time. In our theoretical approach, we are interested in considering the role of oscillations and interactions across frequency bands. We have a special interest in the contributions of microsaccades to perception, attention, and learning.

Current core members (click on the name for more info):

Maarten Leenders, PhD student, Maastricht University
Selma Kemmerer, PhD student, Maastricht University
Fabian van den Berg, PhD student, Maastricht University
Vincent van de Ven, Associate Professor, Maastricht University
Mark Roberts, Senior Researcher, Maastricht University
Bert Jans, Posdoctoral Researcher, Maastricht University
Gesa Lange, Posdoctoral Researcher, Maastricht University
Peter De Weerd, Professor, Maastricht University

We are associated with:

Human Enhancement and Learning (HEaL) Maastricht Centre for Systems Biology Maastricht Brain Imaging Center

Other current PALM members / visiting students:

Alex Prodan, Bachelor student psychology
Amy Abelmann, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Ana Maria Alzate Sanchez, Stud. psychology
Bernie Breeze, Stud. psychology
Celia Gkavanozi, Stud. psychology
Emil Stobbe, Stud. psychology
Ingrid Fossan, Stud. psychology
Johanna Ade, Stud. psychology
Julia Lifanov, Research Master student
Koen Frolichs, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Lin Qiu, Stud. psychology
Lorenzo Frangella, Bachelor student psychology
Mircea van der Plas, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Olaf Karasch, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Rutger van de Mortel, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Simona Klinkhammer, Stud. psychology
Sophia Frick, Stud. psychology / Alumni
Tim Dick, Bachelor student psychology
Tracey Smith, visiting student
Tracey van der Veen
Yuqi Yan, Stud. psychology

Past members:

Astrid Valles (20?? – 2016), Post-doc, now in commerce
Britta Graewe, PhD
Eric Lowet, PhD
Marco De Battista (2015 – 2016), Bachelor student @ University College Maastricht, graduated
Marieke Mur, PhD
Marin Been (20?? – 2012), PhD student, now counsellor @ Maastricht University
Mehrdad Seirafi, PhD
Oana Iosif (2015 – 2016), Master student, now PhD student at Aberdeen University
Rosanne Rademaker, PhD


Alard Roebroeck, Associate Professor, Maastricht University
Alexander Sack, Professor, Maastricht University
Bart Gips, PhD student, Radboud University Nijmegen
Bea de Gelder, Professor, Maastricht University
David EJ Linden, Professor, Cardiff University, UK
Dorien Maas, PhD student, Radboud University Nijmegen
Elia Formisano, Professor, Maastricht University
Federico Demartino, Associate professor, Maastricht University
Gerard Martens, Professor, Radboud University Nijmegen
Jan van der Eerden, Professor, Radboud University Nijmegen
Joel Reithler, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University
Johan Vlaeyen, Professor, Catholic University of Louvain, BE
Judith Peters, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University
Kamil Uludag, Associate Professor, Maastricht University
Karel Joel, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University
Lisa Jonkman, Associate Professor, Maastricht University
Mario Senden, Postdoctoral Researcher, Maastricht University
Miguel Castello Branco, Professor, University of Coimbra, PT
Ole Jensen, Professor, University of Birmingham, GB
Pascal Fries, Professor, Ernst Strüngmann Institute (ESI) for Neuroscience in Cooperation with Max Planck, GE
Pietro Bonizzi, Assistant Professor, Maastricht University
Rainer Goebel, Professor, Maastricht University