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Top publications of the PALM group.

Areas V1 and V2 show microsaccade‐related 3–4‐Hz covariation in gamma power and frequency

Lowet, E., Roberts, M. J., Bosman, C. A., Fries, P., & De Weerd, P. (2015) European Journal of Neuroscience, 2015, 43(10): 1286-1296. Abstract Neuronal gamma-band synchronization (25-80 Hz) in visual cortex appears sustained and stable during prolonged visual stimulation when investigated with conventional averages across trials. However, recent studies in macaque […]

Genomewide analysis of rat barrel cortex reveals time-and layer-specific mRNA expression changes related to experience-dependent plasticity

Vallès, A., Boender, A. J., Gijsbers, S., Haast, R. A., Martens, G. J., & de Weerd, P. (2011) The Journal of Neuroscience, 31(16), 6140-6158. Abstract Because of its anatomical organization, the rodent whisker-to-barrel system is an ideal model to study experience-dependent plasticity. Manipulation of sensory input causes changes in the […]